How not to BBQ Pigs

In recent news, one guy lures random Canadian cops to kill them, before eventually surrendering to superior forces. Some couple randomly attacks US cops, then kill a bystander who tried to stop them, before committing suicide. Apparently, in both cases, libertarian anarchist rhetoric was invoked as justification for the actions. What does that make the […]

Why I Code

I code. I sit at a computer and input text to obtain information. It is not easy when the problems aren’t trivial. It requires tenaciously decomposing one or many problems. This often results in complex processes being divided into constituent subprocesses. Good code is rationally and efficiently divided. People often perform complicated tasks without thinking […]

Against the Basic Income Guarantee

Bleeding Heart Libertarian, Matt Zwolinski, has caused a small stir in libertarian circles with his recent “libertarian argument” for a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) in the United States. His proposal involves abolishing every existing welfare program run by the U.S. Government, and replacing them with a universal guarantee of income for every adult citizen, regardless […]

“Right-” and “Left-” Libertarians are (oxy)morons

Libertarianism is neither left nor right. Libertarianism is a theory of law that delegitimizes politics. Left and right are labels of tribal affiliation in political conflicts. Inasmuch as someone is “left” or “right,” one isn’t a libertarian by that much. Inasmuch as one is a libertarian, one is neither “left” nor “right” by that much. Left and right are […]